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HEA is a group of people dreaming about a new balance between nature and urban life. Founded by Jonghyun Baek and Daehee Kim in 2018, HEA has rapidly grown into a leading company within the field of Korea with a team of 23 enthusiastic professionals.

Based in Seoul, the team works on major challenges to create unique spatial experiences based on values from nature. Collaborating with urban planners, architects, interior designers and other related consultants, our works include landscape design and construction of outdoor and indoor spaces, and research and development of landscape products, systems and urban regeneration models.

From the beginning to the completion of all types of projects, our vision to seek new possibilities of urban environment is applied to every step of design with our missions as follows;


For better understanding of the development process and the materials, we have co-founded and managed a landscape construction firm, pursuing integration of design and construction. We carefully consider the smallest details so that it can make changes throughout the project.


Our projects span from small-scale landscape product design to the large-scale urban regeneration. The variety in scale and characteristic of the projects had a large impact on forming our design identity and process.


We are a young company. Young and the most creative, however professionally-ready, designers are sincerely thinking about how to create a valuable changes for better environment and lifestyle for our society.

HEA believes that the next biggest change in the world will begin with a new relationship between nature and humans, and through our projects, we do our best to create a sustainable and valuable social impact as well as create quality-oriented design.

HEA 주식회사 에이치이에이

HEA는 합리적이고 세심하며
감각적인 자연을 만들어가는 그룹입니다.

HEA는 도시 공간에서의 자연을 다루는 창의적인 아이디어를 가진 디자이너를 위한 디자인 회사입니다. 자연과 도시라이프의 새로운 조화를 꿈꾸며, 감각차원의 자연 경험을 창출하기 위한 설계 및 디자인빌드 과정에서의 새로운 형식과 방법을 고민합니다.

자연의 가치에 바탕하여 지속 가능한 사회적 영향을
추구하며, 도시 자연의 핵심가치를 공유하는 일에
관심을 두고 있습니다.