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대림 e편한세상 주택전시관 정원

숲 속의 작은 집을 연상케 하는 이 정원은 세 가지 식재 콘셉트를 하나의 풍경에 담는다. 정원 한가운데에 세운 집 형태의 파빌리온에는 잎이 아래로 처지는 행잉가든hanging Garden을 조성했다. 밖에서 정원을 바라볼 때 파빌리온의 우측 공간에는 화사한 꽃이 만발하는 양지정원Sunny Garden을 조성하였고, 파빌리온의 왼편에는 숲 속의 오솔길 같은 분위기를 느끼게 하는 음지정원Shade Garden을 조성하였다. 2층 테라스에 조성한 ‘가벼운 정원_Light Garden'은 아파트 단지 내 저토심 인공지반 환경을 염두에 두고 조성하였다. 10cm 남짓한 토심과 배수, 관수 등의 기본 조건만 충족된다면 선택적 식재를 통해 가벼운 정원이 완성된다. 이러한 전략은 도시에 더 많은 자연을 끌어들일 수 있는 단초를 제공한다. 작은 숲 정원은 익숙하지 않은, 새로운 카테고리의 조경 공간이다. 이 공간을 운영하며 모델 정원의 긍정적인 영향력과 가능성을 확인할 수 있었다.
Little Forest Garden was created as the first model house garden for the sale of apartments, as interest in the gardens of people living in apartments increased.

Reminiscent of a small house in the forest, Little Forest Garden incorporates three planting concepts into one landscape. In the house-shaped pavilion built in the middle of the garden, the ‘Hanging Garden’ was created where leaves droop down. When looking at the garden from the outside, in the space on the right side of the pavilion, the ‘Sunny Garden’, where bright flowers bloom, was created, and on the left side of the pavilion, the ‘Shade Garden’, which feels like a narrow path in the forest, was created.

The ‘Light Garden’, built on the second floor terrace, was created with the low-depth soil environment in consideration of the artificial ground conditions of the apartment. This lightweight garden was completed by selective planting with minimum conditions such as 10cm of soil depth, drainage and watering, while meeting the garden’s aesthetic experience.

Our landscape strategies through Little Forest Garden provides a basis for attracting more nature to the city. It is a kind of a new category of landscaping space that is not familiar but by operating this garden, we were able to confirm the positive influence and potential of the model house garden.

Location: Seongnam, Korea

Area: 1F-100m² / 2F-80m²
Submission: 2019
Team: Openness